Boho Sunrise Session – My First Blog Post!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile now. Like, a really long time. As a creative human, my ideas and thoughts bubble out through my photos, my words, my art. I’ve always brushed away the actually doing it part aside due to doubts, insecurities (ya know, the excuses we give ourselves) But for various reasons & inspirations, I’ve decided to dive in – so here I am, and here you are, reading it! Thank you for being here!

What better session to begin with than this beautiful sunrise shoot with my friend Hayley – (you can check out her work here)

Hayley had rented a Reclamation dress for an upcoming shoot and wow, this thing was gorgeous! We took turns wearing it and taking photos of each other as the sun came up – so much fun!

Sunrise Portrait PCB Florida Photography

We did the session at St. Andrews State Park (located in Panama City Beach, Fl) and made it to the beach just as the sun started peeking her beautiful face over the horizon.

Picture this – a gorgeous, cool morning, the beaches practically empty, Hayley and I making our way to the beach, then us BOTH slipping and falling (smack, bam) one after the other on the boardwalk. We went down like dominos -the morning dew had made a portion of the mat slippery- and we about died laughing. Nothing like a hard fall and a belly laugh to start your morning off right!

I met Hayley at a styled shoot back in March 2021. We had a lot in common and being from the same area we’ve become fast friends. She is super talented and I’m looking forward to the many photo & friend adventures that I know we will go on!

I have been immensely grateful for how quickly my circle is expanding in just one year of being in this industry. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind – the mindset of community over competition is absolutely my jam!

The way the light caught this dress, y’all – I was basically swooning the whole shoot. If you want to make your photographer’s heart beat faster, wear something flowy that catches the sun!

The rock jetties at St. Andrews are such a vibe – they provide such beautiful texture & contrast!

Nothing to see here – just Hayley, lounging beautifully – in an exquisitely crafted dress!

We finished off the session with a few shots of the local gulls – I’m in love!

Thank you for reading along this morning adventure – check out BTS footage of this shoot here!