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Photograph of shipwreck Donna Kay on Cape San Blas Florida Beach - taken by portrait photographer Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photos


Located in the Florida panhandle, Cape San Blas is a bit of an off-the path stretch of beautiful beaches in front of St. Joe Bay.   For a Cape San Blas photographer, this secluded and picturesque coastline is an almost untouched version of the Gulf Coast.   Undoubtedly the perfect backdrop & subject for photography!  From the pristine white sandy beaches, clear emerald waters, and stunning sunsets, Cape San Blas is truly an artists tropical dream come true!

Positioned nearby the cities of Port St. Joe & Apalachicola, Cape San Blas is a peaceful & serene peninsula that faces the Gulf of Mexico.  Full of nature and history to explore, Cape San Blas is so much fun to explore as a photographer.  You will have the opportunity to soak up and capture the beauty of this unique location in a way that few others have!   From the waves and sand dunes to the diverse array of flora and fauna, Cape San Blas offers an endless array of photographic opportunities.  

Beach Please

Obviously, the biggest draw for photographers at Cape San Blas is – you guessed it – the beach!  Featuring crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches this photographer’s paradise offers endless opportunities for capturing beautiful landscapes, seascapes, and portraits. Whether you prefer to shoot with a wide-angle lens to capture the sweeping views, or a telephoto lens to get up close and personal with the waves & wildlife, Cape San Blas has something for every photographer.  The best part?  You can count on having a lot of the beach to yourself, as this area is not busy which gives beachgoers lots of space to enjoy & explore nature. 

Photographers – let’s respect & protect the local Cape San Blas habitat

Along with the beach, Cape San Blas is home to a variety of interesting subjects, including stunning sand dunes & marshes. These natural habitats are home to a diverse array of flora, fauna and wildlife – including seabirds & sea turtles.   A true showcase of the Emerald Coast’s raw beauty, Cape San Blas is a great place to snap frame-worthy shots!  While enjoying nature, always be respectful and mindful of any roped off/marked off areas, or nests & vegetation.   It is always wise to leave plants & animals as untouched and unbothered as possible.   The phrase “leave nothing but footprints” is a great beach code to live by!

A popular time to visit Cape San Blas is late afternoon & during sunset.   This time of day features a golden hour light which creates a warm and vibrant atmosphere.  Truly the perfect for light for photography!   The sunsets at Cape San Blas are a must-see for any photographer – or human for that matter! Truly, Florida sunsets are seriously on another level (ok, I might be a little bit bias).  If you are a portrait photographer, this beach is a beautiful spot to hold your session!  With way less people than other local beaches, the drive is absolutely worth it! 

Empowering portrait of brunette young woman sitting on Cape San Blas beach, looking at horizon - taken by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photos

Life is better at the beach

Cape San Blas is home to a variety of charming communities and beach houses.   A glimpse into the local culture and way of life, making them a great subject for photographers.  From the colorful houses and storefronts to the friendly locals, this area provides a wealth of photographic opportunities. In addition to the local architecture, be sure to check out the local cuisine as well!  There’s nothing like a good meal after a beach adventure and this are is full of delicious seafood and southern classics.  

If you’re not local, you can arrange to stay overnight in one of the many highly-rated accommodations in the area.  A great place to start is with the friendly Cape San Blas Inn a cozy, highly rated bnb that happens to be pet friendly, or Cape Escape Barrier Dunes Vacation Rentals – A collection of beachfront vacation rentals with a variety of amenities such as pools and hot tubs – also pet friendly and very highly rated.  

Plan your Cape San Blas adventure

From hobbyist to professional, Cape San Blas is a destination that will inspire and delight photographers of all ages.   This natural paradise is a the perfect spot to ground yourself and practice your art.   The beach has a way of healing us making us forget about the busyness and anxiety of life.  The endless waves feel meditative and the expansive views are calming and peaceful.   In short, you should pack your camera and head to Cape San Blas for an unforgettable photographic adventure!  

Portrait of Young Woman walking on Cape San Blas Beach - taken by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photos

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