How To Plan The Perfect Couples Photoshoot

Couple’s sessions are SO MUCH FUN! I love putting together romantic photoshoot for couples that captures lovers and their unique stories & personalities to the fullest. From sunset beach shoots to cozy, in-home sessions, these pointers apply to every scenario.

Keep reading for 5 great tips that will prepare you & your partner for an amazing photoshoot!

Couples beach honeymoon photo, PCB Florida

1. Is your photographer the “one”?

This seems obvious – but hear me out. Take a bit of care in choosing your photographer. Getting in front of a camera requires a lot of vulnerability – and getting cozy with your lover adds another layer of intimacy to this. Photographers are artists – and our styles can differ drastically from one to another. To ensure you’re obsessed with the end result, make sure sure you vibe with your photographer and their brand! Do you love their portfolio? Does their editing catch your eye? Personality mesh well with yours? If you said yes to all of these questions, hire them and then tell them! You’ll make their day!


Choose a location that is true to you & your story. If your “thing” to do with your person is boating, plan your photo session on a boat, or near the water. If you two enjoy dinner & beer, or coffee on the weekends – meet your photographer at the local cafe or brewery, or bring your favorite brew to the park.

Homebodies? A cozy in-home session can be sexy and sweet – all in the comfort of your own place. Cooking together, playing music- getting handsy on the couch. Prefer an adventurous or natural type setting? Nature is full of amazing backdrops – ask your photographer for their favorite places to shoot if you’re not sure which direction to take.

Taking a moment to plan a fun or personal location really adds to the shoot – and makes the photos that much more meaningful to reflect on!

3. Coordinate your Fits!

Planning your outfits can have a huge impact on the final results of your photos. Gone are the days of exactly matching outfits – instead, coordinate by choosing a color palette to stick to. Add layers, textures & accessories and voila! Beautiful! Pro tip: neutral palettes photograph beautifully and flowy fabrics are a photographer’s dream! Check out my favorite color palettes here!


It’s easy to get stressed about being in front of the camera – particularly if it’s not something you do on the regular. My advice? Do your best to relax, shake out the nerves and let loose! Giggle, tickle each other – whisper a secret, dance around. In short, act like teenagers in love – I promise you, the most beautiful, romantic photos are captured when you’re being authentically YOU!

5. Turn up the Heat!

Okay, so you’re a few minutes into the session, you’re loosening up and feeling more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of SPICE! Get cozy together, tangle your hands in your partner’s hair and sneak all of the butt squeezes. As a photographer, I love when couples get lost in the moment and forget I’m even there. These are the photos you look at later with a knowing smile!

To summarize, put some research & thought into your photographer, the location and your outfits. Then show up, ready to have a blast and capture amazing memories & images!


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