Panama City Beaches: Tips for visiting NWFL

Panama City Beaches – the prettiest views around!

Keep reading for tips from a Florida local

Referred to as the Sunshine State, Florida is well known for her tropical climate and beautiful beaches. People arrive to visit Panama City Beaches from all corners of the world. Hanging out on the white quartz “sugar sand”, and diving into the beautiful waters, diverse landscapes, wildlife and cuisine of NWFL! When in the FL tropical paradise, take advantage of the water-based activities. Indeed, be sure to go boating, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and more- adventures & memories you won’t regret! Read on for a few tips on the area!

Panama City Beach weather

Florida weather is usually moderate, however winters can get cold and wet. Year-round, keep an eye on the radar, as the weather can change in a hurry. The wet season is lengthy one and spans from May to October. Thus, you can anticipate a quick rainstorm every day you are visiting if you head to the beach this Summer! Alternately, the sun can also be absolutely brutal – particularly on the beach where it is being reflected back from the white sand.

My tip: bring a rain poncho, LOTS of high spf sunscreen and embrace the humidity! As a pale human with a tendency to burn/freckle, I had to learn the hard way that 50+SPF was the way to go and to reapply often!

Eat local

In all corners of Florida, the local cuisine is fantastic and will satisfy your seafood cravings! From cuban sandwiches & tuna dips to Apalachicola oysters, alligator meat and craft beer – my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Of course you always have to try the key lime pie – and make sure you stop and grab those boiled peanuts & fresh fruit from the many roadside shops!

My tip: definitely sample the local seafood and always choose that hole-in-the-wall restaurant over the most popular tourist spot (chat with me or local to get fav spots!) – You can thank me later!

unsplash flatlay image of tropical / coastal items - oranges, coconuts and palm leaves.

Enjoy the emerald waters of Panama City Beaches

When in Florida, there are so many beautiful bodies of water that look tempting to dip in! Be sure to check out your surroundings before jumping into random lakes, rivers or bays for a swim. Florida is home to countless alligators, snakes & sharks, so keep your wits about you, but don’t let that keep you from getting your feet wet and enjoying the beautiful gulf & natural springs & rivers that are scattered throughout the state. Panama City Beaches are some of the most gorgeous I’ve ever been to – a true coastal paradise!

My tip: Stay out of ALL natural bodies of water after dark – that’s when all of the particularly dangerous things go hunting!

unsplash image of waves in Gulf of Mexico

Embrace the slowness of PCB + NWFL

One of my favorite things about moving to Florida, is that life seems to move a little slower here. Make sure you make the most of your visit by taking a few hours every day to soak up the sunshine, catch up on that book you wanted to finish and relax your mind & body – after all, you’re on vacation!

My tip: take a walk the beach at sunrise or sunset. It’s mostly empty and you can enjoy your coffee or a nightcap while strolling through one of nature’s most picturesque places!

Enjoy your visit to Panama City Beaches!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope your visit to NWFL & Panama City Beaches is PHENOMENAL and the most relaxing time of your life. If you have any questions, or useful tips from your own vacation, experience, or time as a FL resident, leave a comment below!

– B