Panama City Elopement Packages: Unforgettable Moments

Photo of Panama City Beach by Craig Cameron on Unsplash

In the NWFL panhandle of the Sunshine State lies a coastal gem, Panama City Beach.  A tropical paradise where the pristine beaches create the perfect canvas for your love story.

Dreaming of an intimate ceremony that captures the essence of your unique bond? Be Seen Photos offers bespoke Panama City Elopement Packages which are designed to turn your vision into reality.

Why Choose Panama City Beach for Your Elopement?

1. Breathtaking Beachscapes

Panama City Beach boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in Florida – and quite honestly the U.S. (I’m a little bias, but they’re kind of stunning).  Imagine exchanging vows with your lover with the gentle lull of waves as your soundtrack and the soft sugar sand beneath your feet.   Without doubt, the Emerald coast has been aptly named – with blue/green waters that feels exotic and tropical.  With sweet little beach towns, laid back vibes and great local cuisine, it’s a perfect recipe for a romantic getaway!

Young newlyweds with their children hand in hand walk down beach in PCB FL - using BSP as their photographer with her Panama City elopement packages

2.  Natural Coastal Beauty

Beyond the beaches, NWFL is home to a varied landscape with gorgeous tropical parks, gardens and State parks that offer a diverse array of backdrops if the beach isn’t quite your vibe.  From historical venues to gardens for the most beautiful garden parties, the lush greenery, palms and Spanish Moss drenched oaks, there’s something for everyone.

Newlywed couple walking together in wedding dress & suit after eloping in Eden Garden State Park. Portraits by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photos Newlywed couple taking couples portraits after eloping in Eden Garden State Park. Portraits by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photos Newlywed couple walking through garden after eloping in Eden Garden State Park. Images taken as part of BSP Panama City Elopement Packages

3. Mild Climate

Panama City boasts a fairly warm & mild climate year-round.  Late Summer days can reach high temps, but the constant coastal breeze helps to alleviate a very still heat.  Winters are mild, with freezing temperatures rare and sweater-weather never lasting very long.  Many “Snowbirds” choose to travel down from their Northern homes to Winter in PCB and the surrounding beach towns.  Late Spring & Autumn are my favorite times of year as a local;  the water feels great and the daily temperatures are a pleasant kind of warm.  FYI, if you’re visiting during Spring/Summer, don’t be surprised if an afternoon shower rolls through- because this is a common occurrence. Overall, the NWFL area weather is versatile throughout the seasons with hot Summers, mild Winters and remains a year-round destination for travelors.

4. Romantic Sunsets

Yes, the sunsets here are stunning and deserve to be on the list of reasons why you should consider eloping in Panama City Beach!  PCB is known for having breathtaking sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico that will truly stop you in your tracks.  Of course, sunsets are inherently beautiful, but there’s something magic about the way the sun sinks over the gulf and the beautiful hues that streak the sky – I can’t get enough!  Not to mention, this beauty creates the perfect atmosphere and backdrop for a golden, dreamy sunset elopement.

Newlyweds kiss at sunset on panama city beach- image taken by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photos panama city elopement packagesnewlywed couple hand-in-hand in the shallow water of the gulf of Mexico in PCB Florida after their intimate elopement at sunset. Image taken by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photos as a part of her Panama City elopement packages.

5. Tailored Packages for Every Couple

No two love stories are alike, and likewise, your elopement should reflect that.  Here at BSP, I customize Panama City elopement packages to perfectly suit your preferences; we’ll chat about your vision for the day and I’ll create  elopement package options that match your needs and preferences!   From coastal venues to intimate beach gatherings, I’ll make sure the details of your day are artfully & beautifully captured in a way that transports you back to that momentous day with fond smiles and happy tears!

newlyweds pose intimately under veil after elopement in apalachicola - portrats by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photosnewlyweds pose back-to-back after intimate elopement in apalachicola - portrats by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen PhotosClose-up shot of dress, suit and bouquet after elopement in apalachicola - portraits by Brittney Stanley of Be Seen Photos

6. Stress-Free Planning

Elopements are about simplicity, joy and intimacy.  I understand this, have a great roster of local vendors for any of your other elopement needs.  Certainly, this is an exciting time and working with professionals that alleviate stress is important!  Providing you with a seamless experience is paramount to me and I will always maintain clear and open lines of communication – as they are hugely important leading up to the big day.

How to Begin Your Elopement Journey

newlyweds walk across lawn after elopement with groom holding up brides dress, they're both smiling and laughing -


Embarking on your elopement journey is as easy as a gentle sea breeze. Connect with me today to discuss your dreams, preferences, and special touches you envision for your Panama City elopement.

At Be Seen Photos, I believe that every love story deserves a unique celebration.  Let us weave magic into your elopement, creating memories that will last a lifetime!