THIS is what to wear for your couples photo session

Planning a couples photoshoot with your lover? Keep reading for my favorite tips on what to wear – from a photographers perspective!

1. Coordinate your fits

This sounds obvious, but hear me out. Gone are the days where matching outfits are the look. Instead, coordinate your outfits by going with pieces that look great together, but aren’t an exact match. This goes a LONG way to making your styles look cohesive and intentional, but not too matchy matchy. Pro tip? find a color palette that you love, and refer to it when choosing your pieces!

2. Be Mindful Of Location & Weather

Where is your photo session taking place and what is the temperature/weather like? Sometimes we can put on a brave face for a few photos in that beautiful sleeveless dress in 38 degree temps, but planning ahead can make things a WHOLE lot more comfortable! (honestly, down here in Panama City, Florida – I’m normally dealing with people melting vs. freezing). But you get my point – don’t wear boots, heavy jeans and a long-sleeve button down if you’re shooting outdoors in Florida in July! You just aren’t going to be a happy camper. Instead, think linen/cotton, cool, flowy and coastal. Plan your outfits to fit your surroundings and you’ll be happy you did!

3. Wear Something You’re Comfortable In

On that same note, there’s nothing more annoying than leaving the house in a new outfit and then to be pulling and tugging at it constantly because it rides up, or falls down. Give your outfits a trial run and make sure everything fits well and you feel comfortable, confident and like yourself! I also recommend wearing items you can move freely in – if you hire a photographer like myself, we’re probably going to ask you to do all kinds of fun shenanigans!

4. Think Timeless, Not Trendy

Trends can be a lot of fun – and absolutely have their own place in some photos sessions! BUT, when couples want my input on outfit direction, I recommend choosing looks which will stand the test of time. What does this mean exactly? Let’s break it down a little further: Stay away from graphics, logos & busy stripes, patterns or prints. These all have a tendency to date photos and draw the eye away from the person wearing them! Instead, choose solid colors, classic prints & silhouettes.

5. Accessorize!

Accessories can really pull a look together and level up your style game! Let your personalities shine with cool shoes, your favorite jewelry pieces, belts, hats or stylish glasses. You’re the coolest!

6. Don’t be afraid to trash the outfit

I’m not saying you have to commit to irreversibly ruining your clothing. But consider the idea of embracing your environment – particularly if there’s water involved! I love getting my couples on the ground, splashing around and having a grand old time in whatever surroundings we happen to be in. If you arrive prepared, with a change of clothes & maybe a towel, you’ll be a lot more likely to embrace whatever the shoot & your photographer might bring!

Alright y’all, those are my top tips – with your newfound knowledge and tips in hand, choose your favorite pieces (don’t overthink it TOO much) and go enjoy your photoshoot! Leave your questions or fav style tips in the comments below!